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WP System
(Case Study)

Working with Convey365, we designed and developed a Welcome Pack system for people wishing to buy/sell a property. At the moment, the majority of Property Lawyers still use paper forms because making this process digital has been near impossible... until now.

Property Transaction

Great user experiences can lead to great results and is essential for sustainable success. is a perfect example of a website that was suffering from a low conversion benefited from improved UX.

The new design was A/B tested to 10%, 20% and then 50% of the user base before being deployed to production, and was found to have improved conversion 3 times better than our estimates (case study coming soon).

RMS Case - Case Management

Cloud based Case Management allowing Legal Professionals to engage with their clients and cases in a modern and seamless manner.

Convey 365 - Panel Management

The Convey 365 Panel Management System can be used to manage any panel of lawyers. Clients can choose to manage their own panel of lawyers to ensure transparency and great customer service.

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