Don’t Outsource Your PPC

If you’re looking to outsource your PPC and looking for some advice, please think about the source of this advice. The large majority of articles discussing ‘outsourced PPC’ are written by biast PPC agencies, of course they’ll recommend that you outsource (ideally to them).

I have experience in managing and outsourcing large PPC campaigns. With outsourcing, I’ve had mixed results. There are many PPC agencies that are good at selling their services, but not good at providing them.

Where possible, I recommend hiring an In-House PPC Manager.

It’s tricky though because each business is different. A business that will spend £1000 a month on PPC would be foolish to hire a dedicated PPC manager, their wages alone would be more than the actual PPC budget… But a company spending over £30,000 a month would likely benefit from a dedicated PPC manager.

You basically have 3 options, DIY, In-House or Outsource. So, what’s the right option for you?

When to DIY your PPC:

  • The campaign is simple (for example: 1 city, 1 product/service)
  • You have a small budget
  • You have time to learn and monitor the PPC

When to Outsource:

  • You don’t have time to manage an account
  • You have a mid range budget (£1000-£10,000 a month)
  • You are not computer/tech savvy
  • In a competitive industry

When to hire a in-house PPC manager:

  • You want more control!
  • You have a large budget (£10,000+ a month)
  • You’re in a competitive industry
  • The business is B2B (it requires more in-house expertise)
  • You already have a design and web/dev team
  • You find a gifted super web guru (like me) [hire that guy straight away]

Most PPC campaigns are actually pretty easy and simple to set-up, just be careful… Don’t just hand over your PPC to an inexperienced staff member, do research and find the right solution for your business.

If you’re not sure what the right option for your business is, just ask me in the comment section below:

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